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Lee Min Ho - The Only Actor in His 20's Nominated for the SBS Grand Prize

010212 Lee MinHo Lee Min Ho, the only actor in his 20s nominated for the SBS Grand Prize

It turns out that Lee Min-ho was the only actor in his twenties that was voted as a candidate for the 2011 SBS Acting Awards through an online vote.

SBS ran an online netizen popularity vote from the 20th to the 31st of December through their official homepage.

Candidates included Lee Min-ho, Lee Yo-won, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Seon-ah, Ji Seong, Choi Kang-hee, Han Seok-Kyu, Soo-ae, Jang Hyeok and Kim Rae-won, who have all done well in SBS dramas over the past year. Lee Min-ho is the only actor among these still in his twenties.

Lee Min-ho was hugely popular for the drama “City Hunter“, which ended in July. He was acknowledged for his acting skills and he managed to complete 20 commercials in the past year. He has become very popular not only in Korea but all over Asia.

He was awarded the Best Actor and Special Hallyu Star Award at the Korea Drama Awards in October. Everyone is now curious about what reactions he will elicit among older actors and actresses.

Lee Min-ho is currently taking a break and selecting his next project.

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Lee Min Ho Appointed Honorary Prosecutor

Lee Min Ho’s agency Starus Entertainment revealed on January 2 that Lee Min Ho will be attending the 4th Honorary Prosecutor Appointment Ceremony on January 4.

The Prosecution Service has appointed trustworthy and well-reputed figures, including Ahn Sung Ki, Choi Soo Jong, Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung, as honorary prosecutors since 2004.

Actress Moon Chae Won, Seoul University professor Kim Nan Do, who is the author of the bestseller It’s Youth Because It Hurts, and NCsoft’s vice president Yoon Song Yi have also been chosen as honorary prosecutors alongside Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho won the Best Acting Award, the Teenage Star Award and the Most Popular Star Award at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards for his role in the drama City Hunter.

Photo credit: Starus Entertainment

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Lee Min Ho fanmeetings line-up for 2012

Overseas fanmeet will start in Feb and end latest by early March. The first fanmeet will be in Taiwan. Other places that they plan to have fanmeet include Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. he is planning to promote City Hunter in Japan in February. Min Ho has received more than 10 offers to star in Chinese dramas/movies/etc. Rather than overseas project, he will select a Korean drama/movie and plans to start preparing for it starting March.

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More pics of Lee Min Ho @ 2011 SBS Drama Awards

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Lee Min Ho, Jisung and Choi Kang Hee receive Grand Prize At SBS Drama Awards

City Hunter’s Lee Min Ho and Protect The Boss’s Jisung and Choi Kang Hee received the Best Actor prize in the special project category.

At 2011 SBS Actor Awards that was held at Deung Chon SBS Public Hall on December 31 starting from 8:40 p.m, Lee Min Ho, Jisung and Choi Kang Hee received awards.

After receiving the award Lee Min Ho says, “Five years ago, I played a lead role in a series that was not that popular, but it came to an early finish. However, five years later today, I am on this grand stage receiving an award. I want to thank all the staff who have worked hard for City Hunter, and all the fans in Korea and worldwide for always supporting and encouraging me.”

Jisung reveals, “I never imagined that I would be receiving this prize. It feels like yesterday that I stressed out at my lack of acting, but thank you for giving me such a grand prize. I really appreciate the opportunity that I had to work with many staff members. The team for Protect The Boss worked in perfect harmony. My father is currently ill, and it’s his birthday today. I think this will be a great gift to him.”

Choi Kang Hee was about to cry and said, “The shooting was really tough, but it was fun too. There’s a saying ‘Love grows even in the fiercest battlefield’ I don’t know if this will explain what I’m trying to say, but Protect The Boss was a piece of work like that maxim. I think that I lack in every way. So what I tried hardest is to be like the viewers. I want to be an actress who can gain sympathy and give dream to the viewers.”

Source: TV Report


Lee Min Ho – Easy Issue624 & 韓流颶風2012年1月上

Easy Issue624



Lee Min Ho @ 2011 SBS Drama Awards

Top 10 Stars & Netizen Popularity Award
Top Excellence Award/ Best Acting Award (Drama Special)
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Lee Min Ho @ SBS Drama Awards

Lee Min Ho won Top 10 Stars, Neizen’s Popularity Award and Top Excellence Award 
(Drama Special) in 2011 SBS Drama Awards ^^ Congratulations!


Lee Min Ho @ SBS Drama Awards 2011 Red Carpet 
December 31,2011

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Lee Min Ho Red Carpet


Lee Min Ho @ MBC Drama Awards 2011

Lee Min Ho was presenting the Excellence Award (Mini-series Actor & Actress) with Lee So Yeon at MBC Drama Awards 2011

Translation on opening dialogue (based on c-sub by 瘋狂的貧道@weibo)

LSY: There is continuous acclaim since Lee Min Ho appears on stage. Since “Personal Taste” last year, found that you have always created different images/ characters in drama. Do you have plans to play a role in MBC drama next year?

LMH: Up till now there is no concrete plan yet. What kind of character do you think it fits me?

LSY: How about choosing one of the character from MBC dramas this year?

LMH: There are a lot of good dramas & characters from MBC this year. Choose only one would be a very difficult decision.

LSY: Then how about Dok Gu Jin in “Best Love”?

LMH: That’s a character that can make people happy and is very charismatic, it is really very attractive to an actor. If I play this role, I think it won’t be that popular as Cha Seung Won sunbae did.

LSY: Lee Min Ho is very humble~

LMH: How about Lee So Yeon ssi? Which character in MBC drama is the most attractive to you?

LSY: Actually I also love the drama “Best Love”, that kind of cute character played by Gong Hyo Jin is very attractive to me.

LMH: I think you can also handle that kind of character very well.

LSY: Thank you



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Lee Min Ho receives casting offer to work with Andy Lau

Actor Lee Min Ho‘s popularity is on the rise, as seen by the numerous casting offers he’s been receiving from producers in China.

His most recent work proposal was for a production with top star Andy Lau. A representative stated, “Lee Min Ho’s most recent love call was a piece with Andy Lau. If he were to accept it, then this piece would surpass [the borders of] Asia and become a global project. Lee Min Ho is very popular in China. He probably has more popularity than most idol stars. There has been quite a competition on casting the star.”

Thanks to his hit drama ‘City Hunter‘, Lee Min Ho has been receiving a ton of invitations for fantasy and action pieces. Last July, famous Hong Kong and American film producer Terrance Chang made a surprise visit to the set of ‘City Hunter’ just for Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “It is true Lee Min Ho has been receiving a lot of casting calls from China. However nothing is confirmed. We will make a decision after careful thinking and planning.”

Source + Image: Naver
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Lee Min Ho to make a Chinese debut soon?

Lee Min Ho to Make Chinese Debut Soon?

Lee Min Ho’s recent meeting with Andy Lau, a popular singer, actor, and film producer in Hong Kong, is garnering a lot of attention from both the press and netizens. Through dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” and “City Hunter,” Lee Min Ho has become a household name in China and elsewhere. Recently, he met with thousands of his Chinese fans during his “2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting” in Shanghai and Beijing. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that Lee Min Ho has been receiving several love calls from Chinese producers. Out of the several projects he’s been offered, one stands out because it stars the legendary Andy Lau.

A source stated, “One of the projects sent to Lee Min Ho for consideration stars Andy Lau. If Lee Min Ho accepts, this will be a global project, something that will go beyond Asia.” He added, “Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China is unimaginable. His fan base is almost as large as some of the most popular idol stars. As a result, the competition to cast Lee Min Ho in their projects is extremely fierce.

A representative of StarHaus Entertainment stated, “It’s true that we’ve been receiving countless offers from China. However, we have not made a final decision on any project. We will make our decision after carefully considering each offer.”

Lee Min Ho has received various offers from Chinese producers – ranging from fantasy martial arts to investigative action-filled projects. Some of these works include other famous Chinese actors, besides Andy Lau, as well. Back in July, Hong Kong/American film producer Terence Chang personally visited the set of “City Hunter” to meet with Lee Min Ho. Almost half a year has passed since “City Hunter” ended, but Lee Min Ho’s popularity and recognition only continues to soar.

Source: soompi

Lee Min Ho – Semir Spring2012 CF[15s]

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Lee Min Ho – Behind the Scenes of S+ by Trugen SS12 photoshoot



Lee Min Ho - Minoz Japan 2 Event

Part 1

Part 2

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Lee Min Ho's Winter Airport Fashion - 
A Hot Topic

Photos of actor Lee Min Ho’s airport fashion have been flooding Internet message boards.
Lee is busily traveling across Asia to promote drama City Hunter, but his chic winter outerwear is what has quickly become a hot topic.

From achromatic to all black styles, the actor, who has been the face of menswear brand Trugen for three years now, has been all about military-inspired coats.

In the photos capturing Lee at the airport on various occasions, he is seen donning a khaki-colored jacket with gold button details, a black coat of a similar style and a long, double-breasted jacket. In true hallyu star fashion, the actor is also seen waving to fans, looking celebrity chic behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

Netizens’ reactions to the photos ranged from “When will his next project come out?” and “Even with just a coat on, his ‘force’ is no joke” to “It’s a uniform” and “[He has] a frame that makes even men envious.”

Lee, who played Lee Yoon Sung on SBS’ City Hunter, which aired its final episode in July, was in China on December 18 and 19 to record popular Chinese entertainment program Happy Camp and to shoot a spread for a Chinese clothing brand.


Lee Min Ho - Hello Semir 2012

Lee Min Ho - Hello Semir 2012

Lee Min Ho @ Trugen Photoshoot TvN Enews

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Toyota Camry "The One & Only" - Interview with Lee Min Ho

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Lee Min Ho - Letter from Angels
 Photoshoot BTS

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Lee Min Ho's SNS Update

December 22,2011

"촬영중인데 날씨가 많이 춥네요~ 2011년이 얼마 남지 않았는데요 여러분 건강 잘 챙기시고! 감기조심하시고! 행복한 하루 되세요!!"

English Translation: "I'm doing a lot of shooting, even though the weather is cold ~ year 2011 would end soon i think, so you need to take care of your health, guys! Take care, Don't catch cold! have a happy day!!"

Photo Posted:

English Translation: Monika
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Lee Min Ho Attended 
"Wonderful Radio Premiere"  

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Lee Min Ho SNS Updates

December 20, 2011


Lee MIn Ho - Interview @ Semir
December 19,2011
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Lee Min Ho's Arrival (Incheon)


Lee Min Ho in Shanghai
December 18,2011

@ Media Interview for Semir
Credit Semir official Weibo
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BTV “Music Chart” (音乐风云榜) – 
Lee Min Ho exclusive interview


Lee Min Ho – 2012 Toyota Camry

"The One and Only"

[Behind The Scene - PART 2]

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Lee Min Ho - Semir Advertorial Image

Source: Weibo

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Lee Min Ho's SNS Update 
December 14,2012

@21.09: 我来上海了^^ 快乐大本营!!非常感谢快乐家族帮我顺利的录完节目.. 特别是感谢很多来看我的所有粉丝们..感谢大家!! 상해에 왔어요 ^^ 쾌락대본영! 즐겁게 촬영할 수 있도록 도와주신 MC분들과 반갑게 맞아주고 환호해 준 팬분들 넘 고마워요. Good night

English Translation (based on Chinese):

I have arrived in Shanghai ^^Happy Camp!! Very thankful to all the crew who helped me to finish recording the program smoothly… especially thanks to all the fans who have come to see me… really grateful!! Good night

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Lee Min Ho - Semir Commercial Filming - iQiyi Reportage

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Lee Min Ho to appear on a Chinese 
'"New Year Special" Program

Actor Lee Min Ho will appear on the Chinese program, “Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young”(Happy Camp 快樂大本營), for a ‘new year special’ program.

Lee’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said that Chinese Honam satellite broadcasting (Hunan TV 湖南衛視) will air a 90 minute long special program exclusively about Lee. This is quite a surprise, considering that the program normally casts three guests for the standard 60 minute long episodes.

Lee bought lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl in Korea and gave it to the MC for the show with a new year greeting card. He also gave each audience member a traditional Korean wicker scoop, which is known for bringing good luck.

According to a Chinese media outlet, over 1,500 fans came to see Lee and they watched the show while sitting on the floor. Thousands of fans also gathered outside of the building.

Usually the shooting is free but for Lee’s program, there were illegal tickets, which cost 30 thousand won to a million won.

The producer for the show posted a note on his Weibo account, “Thank you everyone, including the entire crew, audience and today’s star. I had a great show thanks to Lee. I met a handsome man, from any angle, for the first time. Who else is going to make the staff scream for joy, other than Lee?”

The show is very popular, and has hundreds of millions viewers.

Source: TV Report

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English Translation: Korea.com
Photo Source: hunantv.com

Lee Min Ho - Semir CF Shooting 

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Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels [PART 6]

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby named Ji Hyuk. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels


Lee Min Ho quoted saying... 

"I want to get married soon.."


"I want to get married soon and have a beautiful child.." confessed Lee Min Ho.
On 12th of December, Lee Min Ho's interview was broadcasted by SBS "Good Morning", talking about his project with a Korean professional photographer Choi Sei Hyeon.
Looking perfect, baby Jin Hyeok looked so calm on Lee Min Ho's hands, while Lee Min Ho was carefully holding the baby. He watched the baby carefully while holding , making a beautiful perfect scenery.
Lee Min Ho pictured as a father, was smiling during the photograph session. "I've never seen a baby as beautiful as this, what a beautiful moment. Being pictured as a father, i think i'm feeling the urge to be married soon.." he said.

Reporter Ha Soo Jeong hsjssu@

Original Source: newsen
English Translation: Monika

Lee Min Ho sings for 10,000 fans in China

Earlier this month, actor Lee Min Ho stole the hearts of 10,000 fans while on his ‘2011 Asia Tour Fan Meeting‘ in Shanghai and Beijing.

The concept of Lee Min Ho’s fan meet was ‘fantastical musical’, and so the star delivered an entertaining, if not unique experience for his fans, who flew in from Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan.

The opening stage saw Lee Min Ho descend into the concert hall from wires attached to the ceiling, much like a scene straight out of his drama, ‘City Hunter‘. He then put on an impressive acting scene before going on to perform “My Everything” from the ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ special album.

For his next stage, Lee Min Ho dressed in a sleek black suit before performing the Beatles‘ “Yesterday” and “I Will” with a band. Fans even got to see him show off his dance skills with a Michael Jackson silhouette parody.

Through simple games, the star interacted with his fans, gifting them with personal presents he had brought from Korea. Perhaps the most touching moment was when he sat before a piano and played a few songs, before taking out letters he had written for his fans and reading them out loud.

The finale unveiled Lee Min Ho’s two new songs, which he had worked on with composer Hwang Chan Hee. One of the songs was a medium-tempo rock track called “Say Yes“.

Representatives stated, “While spending meaningful time with his fans on the Asia tour, he is also discussing other dramas to take on since concluding ‘City Hunter’.”

Credits: allkpopSource + Photos: Sports Chosun

Lee Min Ho helped an almost falling fan

Lee Min Ho is showing a noble, well-mannered and kind attitude, which goes hand in hand with his status as a superstar. A few days ago, Lee Min Ho arrived at China to held a Fan Meeting there and his Chinese fans welcome him in a amazing way. A lot of people surround Lee Min Ho when he came to China, making a Netizen post a "Where's Waldo" picture from "The Simpsons" (see picture below).

Lee Min Ho visit China on 29th of November for the Fan Meeting at Shanghai and Beijing and even though that day is a work day, many fans came to the airport to see him, bringing banner and posters to welcome him. A fan that was on Pudong Airport to see Lee Min Ho and welcome him post a note in a online website: "I've been pushed by the crowd and almost falling, but suddenly Lee Min Ho that was on his bodyguard's other side grab my hand. There's a big possibility that i would get injured if i fall...", expressing how thankful she is for being helped by Lee Min Ho that act so well-mannered as a man. Lee Min Ho's fans goes crazy because of that note and feel glad because other people actually sees the good side and well-mannered of their favorite superstar.
Lee Min Ho's spokesperson said "Lee Min Ho is enjoying his time with his fans on his China tour and at the same time, checking his next project after City Hunter serial.."

Source: newsen
English Translation: kpopfever.com

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - 
Letters from Angels  

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby named Ji Hyuk. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels


Lee Min Ho – Letter From Angels Campaign

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Lee Min Ho for Semir

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Lee Min Ho - Mobile Phone Wallpaper on Cantata Coffee

320 x 480

640 x 960

768 x 1024

960 x 800

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Lee Min Ho's Interview @ Shanghai
December 12, 2011

Credits: KanKaNews

Q: were you scared by the enthusiastic fans at Pudong Airport?

L: There were lots of fans at the airport when I arrived. Actually I didn’t expect there would be so many of them. The security measures was not well prepared and everyone was crowded together when I came out (from immigration). I was happy & worried at the same time. I am glad that so many fans greeted me at the airport and also worried that they would fell and get hurt. I also stumbled and the situation was a bit chaotic. I was still excited that so many fans welcomed me, and I was relieved when knowing that no one was injured at the airport. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans for greeting me.

Q: What didn’t you use the VIP path?

L: Being a celebrity, meeting my fans directly is something I can managed. If there is no safety issue when I arrived at the airport, I would try my best (to meet them direcrly). Hope this can reciprocate my fans who have been waiting at the airport for a long time. Thus I didn’t choose the VIP path.

Q: What kind of surprise you would bring us at the fanmeeting this time?

L: Compared to the previous ones, there will be a lot of content in this fanmeeting. Being an actor, I will sing a lot of songs, and have prepared some other performances. There will also have some close interactions with fans. I have prepared a lot for it.

Q: Do you have plan to release an album?

L: I think my singing skill is just average. I have participated in singing songs for some dramas before. In future I think mostly it would be for fans or drama & movie, for which my song would be released in an album.

Q: Do you like to be called “Flower boy”?

L: After BOF, people add “Flower Boy” in front of my name. Actually I don’t feel like it and have burden about it. In fact my appearance is not a flower boy, there are many boys who are handsome and are beautiful like a girl. I think my figure is very masculine and strong, and is different from “Flower Boy”

Q: What is your direction for career development in future?

L: Instead on personal charm, the charisma was brought by the characters that I played. The different characters that I played in previous projects, they possess different charisma, and allow you seeing different charisma of Lee Min Ho in the drama. In future I would like to challenge new characters, showing the changes in my acting and portrait different images.

Q: Any effect on your daily life after being famous?

L: I have acted in many projects, at that time I acted in those projects as a rookie. That was my anonymous period, not many peope recognize me, and I have more freedom. during that time I have thought about if I could live that freely in future. After BOF, many recognize me. I have to be more careful about my behaviour at working occasion. My personal life has drastic change.

Q: Have you watched the other 2 versions of “Domyoji” (Goo Jun Pyo)?

L: I haven’t watched the entire series of Japan nor Taiwan versions. I have only watched the first few episodes. I think both of them have outstanding acting skills. They portraited the role of “Domyoji” very well, showing the very annoying, dictative & arrogant character and at the same time expressed the nobleness of a chaebol. I have also made reference to their acting. Before filming, I was thinking how I should prepare for this character, to show the arrogance and other charisma of Goo Jun Pyo.

Q: How did you overcome the challenges in City Hunter?

L: I have had special training before City Hunter started filming. I attended around 3 classes or more a week at action school, to familiarize with the actions. I have to feel like I am one who know Kung Fu, thus this would be more natural in handling the action scenes in the drama. I feel a bit regret was that if I could have training for more than 6 months, then I might do it more perfectly when filming.

Q: Will City Hunter has a sequel or movie version?

L: It is rare for Korean drama to have a sequel. If the script has new creative for the character, or if there is a good storyline, in fact it is a good idea and I’m willing to challenge if given a chance.

Q: Which character is the most satisfied one?

L: all the characers I have played were very unique roles, and they are creations through my hard work, I like them all. Nonetheless City Hunter is the most recent one, and the role of Lee Yoon Sung still occupies a place in my heart.

Q: How is Lee Min Ho in daily life?

L: Usually I dress casually yet tidy and have an easygoing personality. Since I am an actor and also an ordinary guy Lee Min Ho, thus both images combined together.

Q: How do you releive your pressure usually?

L: I don’t have any particular skill or method to relieve pressure. Sometime I would drive around, or go to a nice restaurant which is far away to have a good meal.

Q: Any Chinese actor whom you want to work with?

L: Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Andy Lau Tak-wah are the ones I quite admire. Tang Wei has visited Korea alot recently, and Korean likes her. I also hope that we would have opportunity to work together.

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Lee Min Ho Interview with Music Chart

Lee Min Ho conducted an interview with “Music Chart” on the 4th in a hotel in Beijing. The program host Da Zuo, who is in similar age as MinHo had a great time during the interview.

Lee Min Ho was asked about the impression of Chinese fans. He said that enthusiasm is the most impressive feature of Chinese fans. He can feel that not only through Weibo, but he’s also moved by the fans when he visited China. Da Zuo jokingly said that fans should show their most passionate side to impress MinHo. Upon listen to the interpretation by translator, Min Ho expressed that he liked passionate fans, but safety is the more important.

Goo Jun Pyo in BOF was an arrogant chaebol, who is dictorial and unreasonable, in which is very contradictory to Lee Min Ho’s own image. Da Zuo asked Min Ho how did he created that character. Min Ho said that it was difficult at the beginning, thus he started to live in the role of GJP few months before the drama started filming. As a result he always had arguments with staff and his manager. He even used that as an excuse to start a fight with his manager when he’s not in good mood.

Da Zuo suggested that Min Ho should choose similar role in future so that he can use that as an excuse all the time. Min Ho said it’s a good idea, but still he’s worried that his friends would feel offended.

At the end of the interview, Da Zuo taught Min Ho to say in Chinese: “Chinese girls are pretty, I like them very much” ( “中国女孩很漂亮,我很喜欢!”). Min Ho followed the pronounciation and learnt that fast before he knew what’s that mean. Then translator told Min Ho that that’s a love confession to Chinese fans, Min Ho just smiled and accepted that.

Source: sohu news
Credits for English Translation : loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho's SNS Update
December 5, 2011

"Good afternoon !! 북경입니다!! 저는 곧 리허설 하러 가여~ 저녁에 만나요 ^^#WeicoLomo#"

English Translation: 

"Good afternoon!! This is Beijing!! I am about to go to the rehearsal now~ see you tonight^^"

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Lee Min Ho @ Media Interview in Beijing

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Lee Min Ho's Arrival in Beijing

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Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels [Part 3]
Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of

Lee Min Ho Shanghai Fanmeeting

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Lee Min Ho's Compilation of Cute Expressions (KanKaNews)
December 2,2011

Lee Min Ho - Cantata CF Making

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Lee Min Ho - The One & Only 
(Episode 4 FINALE!)

Credits: ToyotaUSA
Lee Min Ho's Shanghai TV Photoshoot BTS

Credits: KanKaNews, loveghs.wordpress.com
Lee Min Ho's SNS Update
December 1,2011

"여러분 오늘 너무 즐거웠어여^^ 시간이 너무 빨리간 것 같아여.. 오늘은 아쉽지만, 5일! 북경에서 또 만나요!! ^^ 굳나잇 我今天过了很开心的时间 今天时间过得太快的感觉 今天这么快过去
了觉得太可惜 但是 12月5日我们在北京再见面吧"

English Translation: "I had a great time today. Time flies today, feeling pity that today had passed so fast. Nonetheless, We will meet again in Beijing on Dec 5"

English Translation: meow/ loveghs.wordpress.com
Original Source: Lee Min Ho's Official Weibo Account

Lee Min Ho - Shanghai Fanmeeting Fancams

Lee Min Ho's Fanmeeting in Shanghai (Recorded from live broadcast) 
December 1,2011


Lee Min Ho's exclusive interview with Shanghai Youth Daily
独家专访“长腿哥哥” 李敏镐赞志玲最美
Exclusive Interview with “Long-leg Oppa”
Lee Min Ho praises ZhiLing the most beautiful

嘴里含着糖,一边笑着聊天,还时不时地做出吐舌头等各种可爱搞怪的表情……凭借韩剧《城市猎人》 而爆红的韩星李敏镐,今晚将在上海长宁国际体操中心举行2011巡回见面会第一站。昨日,在上海的一家五星级酒店房间里,李敏镐和本报记者面对面独家对 话,并坦言想和心目中“最美”的林志玲合作。本报记者 林艳雯

Chit-chatting cheerfully with a candy in his mouth, and from time to time he would show a variety of cute expressions like sticking out his tongue… Korean star Lee Min Ho, who becomes extremely popular through Kdrama “City Hunter”, will hold the first FM of his Asia tour 2011 in Shanghai International Gymnastic Center. Yesterday an exclusive interview was conducted with Lee Min Ho in a 5-star hotel room in Shanghai. He confesses that he would like to work with Lin Zhiling, who is “the most beautiful” in his heart. (Reporter Lin Yanwen)


Visiting Shanghai for the first time, want to take a boat tour in Huangpu River


Youth Daily (YD hereafter): arrived in Shanghai last night, what is your impression about Shanghai for first time visit?


Lee Min Ho (LMH hereafter): Firstly, I can feel the enthusiasm of fans at the airport. Many of them, around 300-400 people, welcome me. I am very touched by their passion.


YD: Do you know anything about Shanghai? Any places you want to visit?


LMH: Really want to go sightseeing of the night view. Since I can see Huangpu River from my hotel room, I can also see the ferries. I really want to take a boat trip at nighttime


YD: How about food? Foods in Shanghai is popular, anything particular you want to try? What did you have for dinner?


LMH: Actually I had a meal in Shanghai cuisine upon arrival. It’s very delicious. But time is too short; there are many snacks that I haven’t tried. I am afraid there won’t be enough time for me to try them all . (He then playfully asked the reporter if she had any recommendation)


Beautiful Actress, Lin Zhiling is the first come into mind


YD: Do you want to act in Chinese movie and enter the China market?


LMH: On fact I have watched many Chinese movies. I like to watch them since I were young, especially a lot of Hong Kong films, “A better tomorrow”, “Infernal Affairs” are the ones I love. For Chinese film, if there is a chance and invitation, I am willing to try.


YD: There are more Chinese actresses becoming popular in Japan & Korea. Tang Wei also attended the Blue Dragon Awards recently. Which actress is the most impressive/ the most beautiful in your mind?


LMH: If talking about the ones I want to work with, Tony Leung Chiu-wai & Andy Lau Tak-wah are the ones. And also Tang Wei, whom I have met. Now you asked about the beautiful actress… Lin Zhiling is beautiful.


YD: There are more & more Korean actor develop their career in China. What do you think are your biggest strengths and advantages? Everyone calls you “long-leg oppa”, do you think you long legs & body is an advantage?


LMH: (smile for a few seconds shyly) It’s a blessing from god to have a tall body, since my parents are tall as well. Actually girls in Korea also like tall guys. No worry, I will continue to exercise and keep my body shape for my fans. For advantages, I think I am a person who is keen to focus on creating character.


Very outgoing personality, will take initiation for love


YD: “City Hunter” makes more Chinese fans fell in love with you, how do you rate your performance?


LMH: Actually I have never rated myself a high marks after every project, basically all are below 50. But every time the love from audience is more than I expected. Frankly speaking, I am not very satisfied with my acting in many aspects. For example, for the fight scenes in City Hunter, I have received training for a few months, but I think I can do much better if I can be trained for 6 months or more


YD: among all the characters you have played, which is the closest to your true self? Which type of girl you like?


LMH: I think the character and my true self are complementary; every role would have 50% look alike. Such as City Hunter’s Lee Yoon Sung, I think we are alike on the side of his optimistic, cheerful and think independently; but regarding the side about love, I would not like the role I played. I would take the initiation to say “do you love me” if I love someone

Source: why.com.cn
English Translation: meow / loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho's Fanmeeting in Shanghai caused overcrowding and traffic

Actor Lee Min Ho recently visited China and the Chinese media reported on November 30th, “Lee Minho was in Shanghai for a fan meet and his fans overcrowded each location he traveled to.”

There were reportedly about 1,000 fans that awaited his arrival at the airport, despite the fact that his landing time was quite early in the morning. As soon as he stepped out of the gate, the fans held up their signs and cards, and the airport was suddenly filled with the cries and shouts of the many fangirls.

The actor was escorted out of the airport by airport security to his car. He looked happy despite the traffic his fans were causing, and waved to them with a smile, thanking them for waiting so long to see him.

But it wasn’t just at the airport. There were a crowd of fans that awaited him in front of his hotel. Lee Minho went up to his room to change and quickly stepped out again to head to his next destination. There was a throng of girls surrounding his car, but he managed to climb in after greeting the fans with a wave of his hand.

Lee Minho will be holding a fan meet tour in China, traveling to Beijing as well as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and more.

Lee Min Ho's Greetings for Chinese Fans 

Lee Min Ho's Interview with Shanghai Media

Lee Min Ho's SNS Update
November 30,2011

"상해에 왔습니다!! 큰 환영에 고마웠어요~ 저는 늦은 저녁을 먹고 쉬고있는데요 오늘 공항에서 다친 분들은 없었는지 걱정도 되네여.. 행복한 밤 되세여. ^^ 我来上海了!!感谢大家都来接我~太感动了 我现在吃晚饭后休息 突然间担心大家在机场有没有受伤、、、大家晚安做美梦^^"

English Translation: "I arrived in Shanghai!! Thanks all for greeting me~ I am so touched. Now I am resting after dinner. Suddenly I am worried that if anyone injured at the airport… Goodnight & sweet dreams ^^"

Welcoming Card for Lee Min Ho's Upcoming Event in China


Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE 
Letter of Angels 
[Part 2]

Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby. The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, Korean Actresses and Singer such as 2PM's Nickhun, 2NE1's Sandara Park and Minzy, B2ST's members and Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels

Lee Min Ho's Campaign for LOVE 
- Letter of Angels
Lee Min Ho is doing a campaign for LOVE - Letter of Angels where he took a picture with a baby. This project is held to encourage Korean People to adopt baby, that's why he took a picture with a baby.The picture was taken by a Korean professional photographer Mr. CHO, Sei Hyun.

Besides Lee Min Ho, a Korean Actress Ji Hyeok also join this Campaign of LOVE - Letter of Angels

Lee Min Ho's SNS Update
November 18,2011

"分享李敏镐的博文:韩国著名演员李敏镐!他要来中国了!!!! 推荐给@头条博客http://t.cn/S2k8DN (分享自 @头条博客"

English Translation: " Lee Min Ho's Blog recommend: South Korean Actor Lee Min Ho is coming to China!! Recommending a headline http://t.cn/S2k8DN "

The link goes to a Sina Headline about his Chinese fanmeeting:


李敏镐亚洲巡回Fan Meeting将于2011年12月在

上海(1日,上海国际体操中心), 南京(3日,南京奥体中心),

北京(5日,北京工人体育馆), 厦门(7日,嘉庚体育馆)



Lee Min Ho’s Official Chinese Fan Meeting Photo Released

The promotional spread for actor Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting tour, produced in collaboration with Chinese media corporation Huayi Brothers, has finally been revealed. 

Huayi Brothers released the spread on November 17 in Shanghai and Beijing, among other cities.

The words ‘Korea’s popular pin-up actor Lee Min Ho’ are splashed across the photo that features a smiling Lee. Unlike the charismatic character he played in SBS’ City Hunter, the photo highlights the actor’s softer side. Lee will hold fan meetings in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Xiamen. A representative from Huayi Brothers said, “We shot hundreds of photos capturing the many sides of Lee Min Ho for fans, and this was the photo we chose for the spread.”Lee will embark on his four-city fan meeting tour in December, where he plans to sing and dance for his fans. In an interview he was quoted as saying, “I invited a vocal trainer as well as a dance trainer and rehearsed intensely.” He added, “Although I’m not very flexible, I’m working really hard. I’m excited.”The actor, who has amassed more than two million fans, has enjoyed great popularity because of his appearance inCity Hunter, which went off the air in July. 

Credits: ENewsWorld


Lee Min Ho - 2012 Toyota Camry
"The One and Only"
Episode 3 English Subtitle REVEALED!!!

Credits: Toyota USA
 Lee Min Ho [Showbiz Korea]
November 15,2011

Credits: Momo (Minoz Thailand)
              Mino1074 @ Twitter
              Sis Monika Setiono
[Photo] Poster & ticket image of Lee Min Ho Fan-meeting in China

Credits: as tagged
@ loveghs.wordpress.com
 Overseas fans aplenty at Lee Min Ho’s fan sign event, ‘just like that of a hallyu star’

Lee Min Ho proves his popularity at his fan sign event.

Lee Min Ho, spokesperson/model for male apparel brand Trugen had his fan sign event on the 1st floor plaza of Ulsan’s Lotte Shopping Mall for the store ‘S+ by trugen’.

Fans from korea and oversea countries such as Thailand, Japan, China, etc, disregarded the forecast of rain and crowded around the area since morning in order to get a glimpse of Lee Min Ho at the ‘S+ by trugen’ event.

The event once again brought evidence that Lee Min Ho appeals to various age brackets. Cries of cheers rose unceasingly wherever he went, be it the Ulsan airport where he arrived, or the shopping mall itself that was crowded with people who wanted to catch a glimpse of him.

In addition, a separate opportunity was arranged for a handicapped fan to have a photo with him, as well as an autograph, and this warm-hearted gesture moved his fans.

Lee Min Ho who is meeting his fans after a long time since SBS drama ‘city hunter’ showed off a stylish airport fashion sense at the Ulsan Airport.

Source: Newsen
Translation: webby @ soompi
Credits: @ loveghs.wordpress.com

“Where are the young men?” — TV drama production companies’ outcry

Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho — actively participating in moviesDrama production companies experiencing shortage of actors in their 20sThe movies are experiencing a bountiful year but the drama world is undergoing a terrible drought.TV prime time dramas are having serious trouble finding actors in their 20s. Amidst the general shortage of actors in their 20s in the entertainment field, most of the young stars who have risen to stardom are all turning their sights to movies, leaving dramas that are to be broadcasted next year to undergo repeated casting difficulties.The representative young actors in their 20s who have risen to take on main lead roles include Yoo Ah In, Jang Geun Suk, Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, etc, can be counted with five fingers, evidencing the sparsity of them. Having taken on leading roles and having heightened profiles, they are more interested in movies, where the schedule is more easily amendable compared to dramas.Song Joong Ki who have hit ceiling high in popularity due to the drama “Deep Rooted Tree” will be commencing filming his new movie ‘Wolf Boy’ in December. Yoo Ah In, who’s riding on the popularity of his movie ‘Wan Deuki’ is not putting his eyes on dramas, but is currently reviewing scripts for movies. Lee Min Ho, who recently appeared in the drama ‘City Hunter’ is also examining several movie scripts, and plans to advance towards movies next year.Given such conditions, it’s no wonder that drama production companies are having a hard time selecting leads for next year’s dramas. MBC’s ‘Moon that conceals the sun’ and ‘Absolute Boyfriend’, KBS 2TV’s ‘Doll mask’, SBS ‘Dae-Poong-Su’ and other dramas are mostly facing the same problem.Although ‘Moon that conceals the sun’ has already found its main male lead in the form of Kim Su Hyun, they still haven’t found the other male lead who will purportedly carry the same weight of importance as the main male lead.A representative from a drama production company who is currently preparing for a ~3 million USD drama next year revealed “actors in their 20s are few to start out with, being able to find a suitable actor and go all the way to clinch the deal is similar to walking on thin ice.”

Source: Sports Donga 
Translation: webby @ soompi
Credits: @ loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho – Minoz Japan 2nd Event to be broadast on KNTV on Dec 25

Source: KNTV
Credits: @ loveghs.wordpress.com
Stage design of Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting in China

Rendering of the stage design for Lee Min Ho’ Asia tour revealed! H.Brothers Music will organize a fanmeeting with standard as high as a concert. Apart from interaction with fans, Lee Min Ho will perform a few songs live and also with new dance. More details about the fanmeeting and fans interaction will be announced soon, please stay tune.

@ loveghs.wordpress.com
Translation by meow

Lee Min Ho's Interview by LeTV

Wenroad @ Twitter
Sis Monika Setiono
Lee Min Ho for Cartier's Love Bracelet

Lee Min Ho once again is pointed to promote a Charity Project named Cartier Love Bracelet.
On this project, he's pointed together with Yoon Eun Hye, Song Seung Heon and Lee Young Ae.
Here is the photos of the 4 actor and actress pointed to promote the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Lee Min Ho's Congratulatory Message for MBC's 600th Episode

Click this Link :D

Credits: Minoz Indonesia, Catmom
@ monika-leeminho.blogspot.com
 Lee Min Ho's greeting message for Jangin Furniture launched on Lotte Home Shopping

Lee Min Ho @ Trugen Fansigning Event
at Lotte Ulsan

Credits: Hwaji2604 & Dave
All About Hallyu Star Meetings 

 Looking at hallyu star fan meetings through Lee Min Hofrom instrumental performance to speaking the local languageJang geun seuk, Park shi hoo etc show magic performance, martial arts performance‘It’s not a simple meeting anymore but more of a project!’Hallyu star fan meetings are gradually undergoing an evolution. It’s no longer a simple event where you get to shake hands and have a simple talking session. Recently, various stages have been invented and has become yet another hallyu commodity.

Lee Min Ho who has garnered high popularity in the chinese speaking regions is one case in point. He is currently preparing for ten large-scale fan meeting stages to be held from early Dec up til early next year in china, taiwan, hong kong and other places. Not all the locations and dates for the fan meetings have been decided on, but he is currently practicing hard to show an ‘upgraded’ (improved) side to himself.Firstly, the concept for the fan meeting this time will be using a story-telling format guided by a single theme/topic. Due to this reason, Lee Min Ho is receiving private lessons to improve his chinese so he will not be limited to just conveying simple greetings but will be able to converse with fans to a certain extent.One thing that can’t be omitted from fan meetings are songs. ???????. Lee Min Ho has been receiving lessons from a popular singer’s vocal trainer since last month. This is amongst the other activities he’s elaborately preparing for.He also plans to show off his instrumental skills for the first time and is currently learning the instrument. However he’s not revealing the specifics of the instrument nor the song he’s preparing since it is to be a ‘surprise event’.It was also revealed that there are other things that he’s preparing for the fan meetings but the details are kept secret. This is because they/he is worried that prior revelation would dampen the anticipation of fans.Besides Lee Min Ho, other stars such as Ryu shi won, Jang geun suk, Kim hyun joong, Hyun bin, Park shi hoo, etc are including events such as cooking, magic, martial arts in their respective fan meetings.Lee Min Ho’s management company, Starhaus Entertainment explained “Local fans won’t be satisfied by just seeing his face at fan meetings. Also, we shouldn’t inculcate the impression that we’ve come merely to earn a profit, so (MH’s) doing his best so that he can present an image different from his previous one (to his fans).”

Source: Sports Donga Translation: webby @ soompi
@ loveghs.wordpress.com

Lee Min Ho ~ Cantata CF BTS Photos

Lee Min Ho 
Interview @ Cantata CF Shoot
(English Sub)
Credits : Meow13

English Translation:

00:00:00,463 --> 00:00:02,763
Translation credit: webby @ soompi

00:00:03,064 --> 00:00:10,564
I invite you to visit the romantic date filming site of 
Lee Min Ho, the hunter of female hearts!

00:00:13,793 --> 00:00:16,793
The filming site is on a street next to 
a cafe in KyeongGi-Do.

00:00:11,021 --> 00:00:13,921
Text: Heart palpitating date with Lee Min Ho

00:00:16,625 --> 00:00:19,625
Text: In the midst of filming
A particular guy is staring intently outside the window
of a coffee shop filled with the aroma of coffee

00:00:19,705 --> 00:00:21,505
Text: A guy is staring at something he just discovered?

00:00:22,895 --> 00:00:24,495
He's Lee Min Ho, the guy with the attractive smile

00:00:24,752 --> 00:00:26,552
I've missed you, Section TV viewers..

00:00:26,635 --> 00:00:28,535
PD: What are you filming for?

00:00:28,632 --> 00:00:34,432
I'm filming a coffee ad. When the weather turns cold, 
everyone will long for a cup of coffee right?

00:00:36,898 --> 00:00:38,698
PD: What kinda coffee do you like?

00:00:38,724 --> 00:00:41,824
Actually I like cold ones. 
Therefore, I drink cold coffee even if it's winter.

00:00:42,107 --> 00:00:43,507
PD: We have different preferences then.

00:00:43,655 --> 00:00:45,155
You always drink it hot?

00:00:45,249 --> 00:00:46,949
PD: I like coffee mix.

00:00:47,345 --> 00:00:49,545
Filming has started again

00:00:50,276 --> 00:00:53,276
Everyone has completely fallen for Minho-sshi

00:00:53,794 --> 00:00:55,794
Bubble text: that guy really is good-looking...

00:00:58,414 --> 00:01:00,814
Eventually MH shows a embarrassed expression

00:01:04,853 --> 00:01:06,453
VJ: MH-sshi, what kinda action was that?

00:01:06,552 --> 00:01:08,152
Did you film that?

00:01:08,276 --> 00:01:09,676
You shouldn't

00:01:10,473 --> 00:01:13,473
At this moment, MH waved to his fans causing an uproar

00:01:14,413 --> 00:01:17,513
This time we move to an open-air cafe 
where he synchronizes with the band.

00:01:22,210 --> 00:01:23,710
Text: Cool! Dancing to the music...
Following the rhythm

00:01:26,023 --> 00:01:27,323
Bubble text: What's this

00:01:27,795 --> 00:01:29,795
LMH and the band's performance draws to a close

00:01:29,852 --> 00:01:31,952
Wow, the director and the staff also seems satisfied.

00:01:34,482 --> 00:01:36,982
PD: You were performing with the band..

00:01:37,247 --> 00:01:40,547
Before filming this, I didn't expect that 
I had to move along with the rhythm.

00:01:40,710 --> 00:01:43,810
I was very self-conscious initially. 
Right now, I feel extremely embarrassed.

00:01:44,201 --> 00:01:45,901
Look at the applause

00:01:46,069 --> 00:01:48,969
They intentionally clapped to cheer me on. 
It's a pretense applause.

00:01:50,691 --> 00:01:54,691
The filming that continues into the late night. 
At this time, a lady comes looking for LMH.

00:01:54,751 --> 00:01:57,151
She's Section TV's well-proportioned beauty 
(reporter Lee Tae Yeong)

00:01:57,245 --> 00:01:58,945
She says 'excuse me'

00:01:59,745 --> 00:02:02,745
If I want to get here, which way should I go?

00:02:07,315 --> 00:02:10,315
LMH who also friendly provides the information this time

00:02:12,563 --> 00:02:15,063
Text: LMH who runs away

00:02:17,279 --> 00:02:19,979
Text: Female heart hunter who targets the ladies' hearts

00:02:20,681 --> 00:02:22,581

00:02:24,672 --> 00:02:26,372
How are you spending time since 
City Hunter came to an end?

00:02:26,627 --> 00:02:30,127
There are some overseas activities so 
I've been going abroad often.

00:02:30,389 --> 00:02:36,689
For now, since I'll be having fan meetings in China 
in December, I'm preparing for that event.

00:02:37,385 --> 00:02:39,085
Please say something in Chinese.

00:02:39,103 --> 00:02:40,803
Hello everybody (in mandarin)

00:02:42,665 --> 00:02:45,865
Not long ago, he won the best actor and 
hallyu star award at the Korea Drama Awards.

00:02:47,727 --> 00:02:50,927
Is there something you wanted to say that 
you left out during your award speech?

00:02:51,063 --> 00:02:52,663
I forgot to address my family.

00:02:52,756 --> 00:02:55,956
To my mom who gave birth to me 
(embarrassed and burst out laughing)

00:02:56,579 --> 00:02:58,679
Just your mom?

00:02:58,840 --> 00:03:05,340
..mom and dad and also to my sister who 
always runs errands for me at home, I love you.

00:03:06,363 --> 00:03:09,663
Also not long ago, you came out first in the surveys 
for 'the most favorite korean actor' in Russia,

00:03:10,682 --> 00:03:13,682
and 'The korean/japanese/chinese star 
I want to be with at an inhabited island'.

00:03:14,183 --> 00:03:15,383
Text: What is your attractiveness that captures fan's heart?
MH: healthiness.

00:03:15,392 --> 00:03:16,392
You say healthiness.

00:03:16,492 --> 00:03:18,492
Even though I don't have good health, but 
I give the impression that I am healthy, don't I?

00:03:18,516 --> 00:03:21,516
Oh, you look extremely healthy. There were 
times when you had to take off your shirt right?

00:03:21,896 --> 00:03:22,896

00:03:24,620 --> 00:03:27,420
I think my cheerfulness seems attractive.

00:03:27,554 --> 00:03:29,954
You like to be first in what kinda survey?

00:03:30,758 --> 00:03:36,758
The guy who I want as my boyfriend/lover. 
The guy who will nurse me when I'm ill/hurt.

00:03:37,978 --> 00:03:38,978
I can do that too.

00:03:40,171 --> 00:03:44,271
Can you show some aegyo(cuteness) 
thinking of me as your girlfriend?

00:03:44,926 --> 00:03:46,926
Hmnp. I'm sulking.

00:03:47,548 --> 00:03:51,448
I'm sorry (said cutely). I'm sorry.

00:03:57,102 --> 00:03:59,702
Text: Lee Tae Yeong who gets an electric 
shock from his cuteness overladen aegyo

00:03:59,903 --> 00:04:03,103
Not long ago, a scene from a drama where MH-sshi 
acted as a waiter was revealed. ('love kitchen' in 2005)

00:04:03,239 --> 00:04:06,339
Did you expect at that time that you'd 
become a hallyu star one day?

00:04:05,754 --> 00:04:06,954
Not at all

00:04:07,054 --> 00:04:10,254
Is there any sad episode before you got famous?

00:04:10,345 --> 00:04:16,845
One time when I was filming for 'love kitchen', 
I had lunch and fell asleep.

00:04:16,900 --> 00:04:20,500
When I got up, it was already 12 midnight 
and filming had ended.

00:04:20,917 --> 00:04:22,417
No one woke you up?

00:04:22,516 --> 00:04:25,516
I wasn't an important character, so no one looked for me.

00:04:25,654 --> 00:04:30,054
Originally I should feel good after 
filming finished, but i felt sad.

00:04:30,562 --> 00:04:36,462
You are called the 'SNS star'. Are there any 
fan replies that particularly stood out to you?

00:04:37,403 --> 00:04:42,803
When I was playing the role of Gu Jun Pyo, 
the reply 'I don't like your hair'.

00:04:44,069 --> 00:04:49,069
When I was filming City Hunter, 
the reply 'I can win over you'.

00:04:49,431 --> 00:04:52,931
Is there something you'd definitely 
want to do before the year ends?

00:04:53,378 --> 00:04:54,778

00:04:54,930 --> 00:04:59,530
I really enjoy skiing. So before the year ends, 
I definitely want to go skiing.

00:04:59,654 --> 00:05:02,654
Even if you can't do that, you can try the sleigh...

00:05:03,354 --> 00:05:07,554
Section TV viewers, the weather has gotten cold, 
so please don't catch a cold.

00:05:07,628 --> 00:05:10,328
I hope to meet you soon in a good project.

00:05:10,422 --> 00:05:12,322
Translation Credit: webby @ soompi

Credits: Cafe the Seven
@ loveghs.wordpress.com
Lee Min Ho - 2012 Toyota Camry 
 The One and Only BTS - Interview with Seon Mook Cho [Engsub]

Credits: Toyota USA

Credits : Meowmm13
Lee Min Ho  
Semir Spring 2012 Poster Preview

@ loveghs.wordpress.com
Lee Min Ho's Chinese debut postponed until December

Sorry Lee Min Ho fans. You′re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see Lee promoting in China – the new hallyu star has pushed back the date of his official debut in China by over three months, in order to prepare more.

Lee received many requests from the Chinese-speaking world as soon as SBS’sCity Hunter wrapped up in the country in August, but he put off his official visit to China until December.

Lee visited China in September to shoot an advertorial and promote, but left local fans wanting more, as it was a short trip strictly for advertising promotions, not to meet fans and talk about an actual debut.

A representative from Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment stated, “We have to prepare [for his debut in China] in various ways since people in the Chinese-speaking world are showing their enthusiastic interest in Lee. We think his visit should be designed for interactive and amicable fan meeting, not as a chance to make profit. To this end, Lee is preparing himself, by improving singing skills, learning about Chinese culture and studying Chinese. Further, he is planning for charity activities in which his fans can participate. That’s why it’s taking a longer time.”

Lee’s fan meeting will kick off in Shanghai on December 1 and go on to Nanjing on December 3, Beijing (December 5), and Xiamen (December 7).

On Weibo, China′s Twitter equivalent, the number of Lee’s fans reached a 2 million-mark.

Lee posted his message along with his photo on his Weibo on November 6, “I’ve got already these many friends on Weibo. Thank you for your affection. Your writings to apply for our events are funnier and easier to understand since there are pictures as well. We’ll see in December.”

Lee has been treating as an A-list hallyu star in the Chinese advertisement industry as he signed a deal with Hyundai, China and an exclusive contract with China’s largest casual wear brand, Semir.

Source: enewsworld

Lee Min Ho's message on 
Minoz Official Site
November 6,2011

Hello Minoz,

I’m Lee Min Ho. It’s been a long time, how are you doing?

Although there were problems logging in because the website undergone renovation, I can log in now. haha.

Recently, I’m spending my days learning many different things and preparing myself. One of the things amongst them is preparing for the fan meeting in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanking, Xiamen and Hong Kong come early December, attending meetings for them. Since there are various things to prepare for, it keeps me busy. (laugh)

It seems like I’ll be able to show you a new song through this fan meeting. haha.

Now, I’m discussing it with the songwriter hyung as we prepare for the song. Since it’s a song for my fans, I hope those who aren’t able to attend the event will get to listen to the song.

Also, I play football with my friends during the weekend, and personally feel how my stamina isn’t as good as it was. haha. It’s true that exercise is something you have to do regularly. Please don’t just stay in the house saying it is cold. When the weather’s good, I highly recommend you to try exercising. ha
Today is a little chilly…

Not long ago, I filmed for Cantata. It has been a while since I filmed through the night. You will get to see the ad in a little while on TV~ For now, I’ll first show you the pictures.

Take care and don’t catch a cold~
Til the day we meet, always be happy~

Source: minoz.leeminho.kr
Translation: webby @ soompi
@ loveghs.wordpress.com
Lee Min Ho update on his 
Chinese SNS Weibo
November 6,2011

I have already had so many friends! Thanks for supporting me. The photos & stories you’ve shared with me are very interesting… See you all in December!

@ loveghs.wordpress.com
Lee Min Ho Interview with Sina
November 4,2011

(Interview) English Translation:

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English Translation : Ochloe

Event to celebrate Lee Min Ho obtains 200,000 followers on weibo!!!

Let’s share about the nice places you have visited.

Share the photos & stories about the must-go places you recommend.

address: @李敏鎬


Event period: Nov 4 -9, 2011

Result announcement: Nov 11, 2011

(Winners will be announced through @新浪娛樂 , please follow it!)
Prize: 8 winners will be chosen and will be rewarded an autographed Lee Min Ho 2012 calendar 

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Lee Min Ho ~ Toyota Camry 
"The One & Only" BTS Photos 


[CF] Lee Min Ho ~ 2012 Toyota Camry 2nd Episode RELEASED!

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                  Toyota USA

Lee Min Ho's appearance on a Chinese Test Paper caught lots of attention

Actor Lee Min Ho recently appeared on a Chinese test paper and proved his high popularity.

An online community posted a scanned test paper, in which Lee appeared as a question. The test paper includes Lee’s picture and an English table.

The question is about Lee’s lifestyle. It says, “Describe Lee Min Ho’s lifestyle with 60 words referring to the table.” The table says, “Exercise everyday, Eat vegetables twice a day, Eat fruit four times a week, Drink milk once a day, Eat junk food once a week, Sleep about eight hours.”

People responded: “Lee is amazing.” “Lee is that popular in China.” “Lee is the most popular actor in China.”

Source: TV Report

Lee Min Ho’s Fanmeetings in China CONFIRMED!!!

Lee Min Ho’s fanmeeting is confirmed to be held on:

Dec 1 – Shanghai (Shanghai International Gymnastics Center/ www.shigc.com)

Dec 3 – Nanjing (Nanjing Olympic Sports Center/ www.njaoti.com)

Dec 5 – Beijing (Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium)/ http/theatrebeijing.com)

Dec 7 – Xiamen (Jiageng Gymnasium)

Ticket will be on sold online through www.piao.com.cn / www.damai.cn

* For fanmeeting in Hong Kong, date & venue to be annouced separately


Lee Min Ho for Hyundai Veloster


[Mag] Lee Min Ho – Hot Chili Paper Vol.67

Lee Min Ho snapshots taken on 
October 28, 2011

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Lee Min Ho's City Hunter North American release date

YA Entertainment, one of the biggest distributors of K-Dramas in North America, has announced that the entire SBS drama “City Hunter” series will be released in one box set on December 6, 2011. The twenty episode television series. starring stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, is an adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo’s Japanese manga.

City Hunter is set in present day Seoul, with Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) dead set on carrying out a revenge plot created by his step-father. Along the way he meets Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), who becomes a love interest.

The series enjoyed wide popularity in South Korea, with an average rating of 15.2 (TNmS Media Korea). It also proved to be popular to those residing outside of South Korea, being featured as one of Soompi’s Drama of the Week. The cost for the DVD set is expected to be $59.99 USD.

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Lee Min Ho Releases Teaser Photos for Second Episode of Toyota Camry Web Series

A lot of you may remember last week’s epic storyline of the “2012 Toyota Camry Web Series,” featuring Lee Min Ho as an amnesia patient. Following its premiere last week, Toyota has released two teaser images from the second episode of this four-part web series on Tuesday.In the first photo, Lee Min Ho is seen going through what looks to be his medical records (he’s tracing back his memories). In the second image, however, he seems to be getting into an intense fighting scene wearing a black trench coat that evokes the images of his “City Hunter” persona.

The full video of the much-anticipated second episode is due out on November 4. You can follow the entire web series at Toyota’s “One and Only” campaign channel on YouTube (www.toyota.com/oneandonly).

The following is the basic synopsis of the web series, as explained on Toyota’s Camry YouTube channel:

“Our hero suddenly rises from a coma. He has no idea who or where he is. All he has are the keys to his 2012 Toyota Camry. When he gets inside, something triggers a flood of images from his past. Then, when he uses the Camry’s Entune system, a key memory sets him on his journey. Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.”

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Lee Min Ho’s popularity in the 
Middle East helps export Personal Preference to Israel and Yemen

Personal Preference, a drama that was once popular in Korea with a lovely romance between Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho, was exported to the Middle East, which was unprecedented.One of the staffs from the production company of Personal Preference, Lee Kim Production, said, “the Middle East countries, Israel and Yemen, asked us about the publication rights for Personal Preference last month. I can’t tell you the exact price but the deal was concluded at the best price in all Korean dramas exported to the Middle East.”According to the production company, the export of Personal Preference was strongly contributed by Lee Min Ho because he was highly popular in the Middle East.The popularity of Lee Min Ho in the Middle East was started from Boys Over Flowers, according to the staffs of the drama. As Boys Over Flowers was exported to all across Asia, it was said Lee Min Ho’s popularity increased along. And the popularity was spread to the Middle East beyond Asia.Due to his popularity, Lee Min Ho is currently trying to interact with his fans through SNS such as Twitter, Metoday, Facebook, and his mini homepage, etc. Since he can’t see his fans from the Middle East, he is continuously communicating with them by updating his pictures taken on the set or during the break.Lee Kim Production said, “another Korean drama was exported to the Middle East after Dae Jang Geum. This isn’t the news only good for Personal Preference team but also to all Korean dramas.”

Source: TV Report

Lee Min Ho bagged 2 thrones at the 2011 Korea Drama Awards

On October 2nd, the ‘2011 Korea Drama Awards‘ kicked off its ceremony at the Kyungnam Culture & Arts Center.

Hosted by Son Ho Young and Choi Song Hyun, the awards ceremony featured winners from 13 different categories, all of which were chosen through three rounds of rigorous judging. The judge panel was made up of Korea’s representative actor, Lee Soon Jae, pop culture critics, professors, reporters, and media professionals.

The director of the ceremony stated, “The Korea Drama Awards is a ceremony that congratulates the successes of the most-loved dramas of the year. We hope that everyone enjoys the event.”

List of Winners:

Daesang: Secret Garden (SBS)

Best Writer: Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden)

Best Director: Kim Won Suk (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Best Actor: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

Best Actress: Yeom Jung Ah (Royal Family)

Best Supporting Actor: Joo Sang Wook (Giant, Thorn Bird)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Yuri (Twinkle Twinkle)

Best Male Newcomer: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

Best Female Newcomer: 

Im Soo Hyang (New Tales of Giseng, Paradise Ranch)

Cable TV: Jeon Hye Bin (Yacha, OCN)

Popularity Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

Hallyu Star Award: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

Source: Korea.com

Lee Min Ho Brings Sina.com Down

Recently, actor Lee Min Ho held an interview with thousands of chinese fans whom left him more than 130,000 questions over weibo in just one hour. Before the interview, he uploaded a picture on his weibo account saying: “It’s been a while. Are you ready? Let’s go!” and then started replying to the most interesting questions from his fans.He got to answer from simple questions such as: “How are you oppa?,” “Welcome to Shanghai,” ” Minho is ignoring me,” to which he replied sweet answers like “Your korean is pretty good, i’m doing great thank you!,” “Hello Shanghai, your food is delicious,” “No, never! i will never ignore you.” He also answered questions from his recent drama “City Hunter” and shared a funny history that happened to him while recording the drama in which an elephant spat over him.Despite the several amount of questions, he tried to answer the most questions he could. Lee Minh Ho also wished luck to all his fans who are taking university exams and also recommended places to visit for those Chinese fans interested in traveling to South Korea. He wrapped up the interview saying, “If i could learn Chinese, I would have replied to a hundred of questions but thank you all for participating!” How sweet from Lee Min Ho!

Actor Lee Min-ho shut down one of China’s portal site, “Sina.com”.His management Star Haus said, “Lee Min-ho did the live time interview from 5PM to 6PM through Chinese SNS service Weibo, and received 135,000 questions for an hour, shutting down the greatest portal site in China, Sina.com”.The servers kept going down due to the enormous amounts of questions and access to the bulletin wasn’t fluent but he proved the ‘Lee Min-ho syndrome’ by setting a record o 135,000 questions.“Wei Pang Tan” has led various SNS interview sessions with top Chinese celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Wei Chen, Gum Sing Mo, Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin, Lee Bing Bing and more.Sina.com’s official Weibo said, “It’s the first time to record a number higher than 130,000. It’s hard not to admire Lee Min-ho’s unbeatable popularity. The interview wasn’t proceeded fluently as we received so many questions in a short about of time”.Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will be visiting China on the 25th to attend the Hyundai Motors Launching show, which he is modeling for.

Source: nate news
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Lee Min Ho leading the way in China:
"He's even more popular than
 Jang Geun Suk"

China fell for Lee Min Ho, while Japan for Jang Keun Suk. Each of their popularity show distinguished features in different countries, but certainly they are booming Korean Wave.

On the 15th China’s most popular social network, Weibo, made a survey comparing Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho’s appearance. It said, “Which one is better looking? Jang Keun Suk from Mary Stayed Out All Night or Lee Min Ho from City Hunter?”

The result was interesting: Lee Min Ho earned 6,768 votes with a 69% approval rating while Jang Keun Suk only got 1,664 votes comparatively.

Another survey, which involves more Korean stars such as Kim Hee Chul, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Hong Ki, and Jang Keun Suk, also showed Lee Min Ho the best looking guy with the approval rating of 35%.

This kind of survey initially involved only Chinese stars, but recently Korean stars are listed on it.

Certainly, it is hard to conclude the best looking guy on such a survey, however, it shows Lee Min Ho’s popularity through the series City Hunter in China.

The drama series City Hunter got nearly 200 million hits on Chinese video website.

Jang Geun Suk eels went to Lee Min Ho!

Jang Geun-seok, “Where are the eels that went to Lee Min-ho?”

Jang Geun-seok showed off his cute hair style.
He posted a picture on Chinese twitter weibo with words ” All the eels went to Lee min ho just because I didn’t visit in a while! Where are you~ Let’s go together~ My eels…I will find you!!!”
In the picture, he is looking at the camera innocently and in the other, he is winking.
Those who have seen the picture say, “If you come more often we won’t go to lee min ho”, “Are you jealous?”, ” Your hairstyle is really cute” and such.


Lee Min Ho's Autograph, The Best!

On an episode of KBS’s “Live News Feed” that aired on August 15th, five different autographs were shown and fans voted on their favorite. The signatures included were a comic style (Eric), candid style (Rain), cute style (Go Hyunjung), well wishing remarks style (Lee Minho), and artistic style (Tablo).Fans voted for the style they like the most, and the well wishing remarks style (Lee Minho) took first place.The fans who chose his style responded, “It is a unique autograph just for me” and “If he wishes me to get better grades, I feel as if I’ll get straight A’s.”The fans who chose Go Hyunjung’s autograph did so because of her cute style, and the fans who chose Rain’s autograph liked its simplicity.Autographs vary greatly according to the stars, but what the fans polled really wanted were the stars’ heartfelt encouragements and kind words.


Lee Min Ho's interview @ SBS Hope TV

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Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young 

got a positive response from fans in 

City Hunter

Lee Min Ho (24) and Park Min Young (25) look like the real couple in their new drama, City Hunter. Lee Min Ho uploaded his photos while City Hunter shooting to his Facebook, me2day, and Twitter account and it was welcomed by all Minoz.
Many Lee Min Ho’s international fans on Facebook regarded that Lee Min Ho just did a usual CF shooting. But in the last 4 days, they know that Lee Min Ho did a shooting for his new drama, City Hunter. In his Me2day and Facebook account, he wrote that he has a great day while City Hunter shooting.
Park Min Young, who shooted for City Hunter too, said that she got a lot of positive response from her fans on Twitter and Facebook.
In City Hunter, Lee Min Ho roles as a Team Leader of MIT who works in Blue House and Park Min Young roles as a judo athlete who become a president guardian.

Source: Nate


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s 

judo develops into a love scene

Actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Min Young showed a love scene while they were practicing judo.

The two shot a scene for the new drama for SBS, City Hunter at a gym in Seoul.
The scene displays the two practicing judo. Kim Nana (Park Min Young) is a former national judo player and teaches Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) judo skills. Lee, is actually an undercover man who is master of all martial arts, but to cover his role, he learns judo from Kim.
Lee is helpless as Kim overpowers him with her outstanding judo techniques. But then an awkward moment occurs; they were facing each other with very little distance between the two. The two was just about to kiss.
Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have been learning judo to show realistic action scenes. A staff said the two have been very diligent to practice judo every day.
The drama City Hunter is based on a Japanese comic book, City Hunter. The story takes place in Tokyo, 1980s. As a drama, the background is altered to Seoul, 2011. It is planning to elaborate how the main character becomes a city hunter. The drama is to be aired after 49 Days concludes.

Source: Nate


Park Min Young gives 

Lee Min Ho romantic judo lessons

SBS’s upcoming drama, “City Hunter“, has released new still-cuts of a romantic scene between lead roles Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young.
The scene features the White House’s national communications team member ‘Lee Yoon Sung’ taking judo lessons from former judo athlete and current secret service agent, ‘Kim Nana’.
Although ‘Lee Yoon Sung’ is a highy skilled martial artist himself, he’s forced to hide his talents in order to maintain his position in the Blue House. ‘Kim Nana’ has no idea of his secret and triumphs over him as she gives him lessons on judo. The scene later develops into a romantic cut as ‘Kim Nana’ successfully throws him on to the floor and they meet gazes.
Producers stated, “The two have been taking judo lessons for months now. They’re hard working actors, and I’m sure that their efforts will translate onto the screen. We ask for your anticipation for the drama.”
The pilot episode will air on May 25th!

Source: Star News via Nate


Lee Min Ho begin the shiny day with a smile “Living Sculpture”

[TV Daily News] Actor Lee Min Ho show his Judo uniform and with a bright smile at the Judo scene.
On 4th of May, Lee Min Ho make an Me2Day account an wrote on his account ” ” Hello…i’m Lee Min Ho (my name is Lee Min Ho) ^^ this is my Me2Day account. I just started an Me2Day account and need to adapt quickly with this, keke…Today, City Hunter teman would work hard! Have a wonderful day ~ FIGHTING! ” and post a picture that gain a lot of attention.
The Photo that Lee Min Ho post is a photo where he wear a Blue Judo Uniform, smiling brightly and stare at the camera. He make a “V” sign with his hands, and with a cute smile he has on his handsome face, he looks more attractive. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho skin looks so white and flawless, making anybody envy.
A lot of Netizen that see his pictures show some comments and reactions such as ” I hope your Me2Day account would be active…”, ” You’re looking good in wearing anything…” and ” You’re sparkling…”
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho would go back on 25th of May for his latest SBS Drama “City Hunter”

Source: News Nate

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Lee Min Ho interview photos on ENEWS24 

Source: en.Korea.com


Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young kiss for an hour and a half for "City Hunter"

A preview for Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s epic kiss scene has just been revealed!
On April 19th, the two actors visited a club in Seoul’s Kangnam area to film a kiss scene for SBS’s “City Hunter“. Lee Min Ho was scripted to kiss Park Min Young spontaneously to perform his mission as a ‘city hunter’; Park Min Young happened to be at the club to protect the President’s daughter, ‘Da Hae’, as part of her job as a secret service agent.
In order to successfully pull off the scene, Lee Min Ho had to kiss Park Min Young rather powerfully to give off the feeling that the kiss was unplanned. It was a short kiss, but the couple reportedly filmed for an hour and a half to get the scene just right.
The production team for “City Hunter” stated, “The kiss was an important scene to serve as a turning point for the couple’s relationship. The two showed perfect harmony in a happy environment, so the filming commenced well.”
“City Hunter” is scheduled to air on May 25th, so be sure to check back for updates!

Source: DongA via Nate


“City Hunter” releases still-cuts of Lee Min Ho filming in Thailand



SBS’ upcoming drama, “City Hunter“, has finally released still-cuts of actor Lee Min Ho from his shoot in Thailand!

Since it’s his first small screen project in nearly a year, Lee Min Ho was reportedly unable to hide his joy as he took part in the drama’s first recording in comfortable attire.

The actor was not only successful in completing the recording, but even took the time to get to know and play jokes on his Thai co-stars in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for all. He also took in all of the advice given to him by producers, and reflected it brilliantly into his acting.
The producers of “City Hunter” revealed, “The weather was colder than we expected, so it was difficult shooting the scenes. Lee Min Ho, however, has a deep affection for the drama and was able to overcome all of the obstacles through it. Fans can now look forward to Lee Min Ho’s transformation into a man of true charms.”

Working alongside Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk, and Goo Hara, Lee Min Ho will unveil the pilot episode of “City Hunter” on May 25th.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Lee Min Ho  
CF prince or the next CF king?

Lee Min Ho has done so many product endorsements both for major international and local korean brands, and because of this, I think he can be dubbed as the “CF prince”.. or should I say the “next CF king?” what do you think, peeps?

Below are some of the brands he has endorsed. Just to name a few as the list goes on and on.. To wit:

1. Trugen
2. Dunkin Donuts
3. Levi’s
4. Pepsi Nex
5. Bang Bang
6. Cass Beer
7. Etude House
8. LG Optimus
9. Coffee Cantata
10. Binggrae Banana milk

~ Trugen ~

~ Dunkin Donuts ~

~ Levi's ~

~ Pepsi Nex ~ 

~ Bang Bang ~

~Cass Beer ~

~ Etude House ~

~ LG Optimus ~

~ Coffee Cantata ~

~ Binggrae Banana Milk ~

Hope you enjoy the videos I have collected for y’all to show you how great he is, both as a model/product endorser and an actor. Some of which are classic CF’s made by Min Ho.
Don’t forget to watch out for my CF series that will showcase Lee Min Ho’s prowess in product endorsement. ‘Til next time, folks! Ciao!

Source : en.Korea.com


Lee Min Ho's City Hunter 
Shooting in Korea

Credits: Thai Minoz Sisters


Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young's Composite Pictures for City Hunter

Posted by: Gateway2Korea via Twitter 
Source: en.Korea.com 

Lee Min Ho, SBS "City Hunter"  
Woman 's depth to the intense masculinity stole

Lee Min Ho (24) SBS "City Hunter" Woman's depth to steal from the intense masculinity.

Lee sumokgeuk the SBS '49 days'follow-up to the first broadcast May 25' Sitting Hunter from the presidential office in the MIT Ph.D. synchronic state map network team will turn the station's profitability. His rise to stardom with a 2009 KBS2 'flower boys' and last year's MBC 'personal preference ' characters in the show, unlike the strong masculinity.

Lee's agency said "'sitiheonteo' role in health went to school for the action. Swimming, weight and exercise make the body fell 3 ~ 4  strong masculinity and ventilation grill and a wide shoulder, "said" aeksyeonsin and styles, etc., and many other traditional images of masculinity emphasize appearance. Jen Lee is a true model of clothes, some clothes to wear too many clothes, but his character to suit your own style, making a list, "he said.

After a fortnight or so, taken in the vicinity of Bangkok, Thailand from the past six Paju began filming in places like Korea. Although there is footage from Thailand to the upper nochulsin solid body, and wearing shirts that emphasize learning emerges.

True men of recent presentation to the business model is weak gradient led to three years work. In addition to furniture craftsmen. Coffee Cantata. Etude Cosmetics as the face is being active 'sitiheonteo' cast as news and interest in advertising has been very difficult.

Source: News Nate 
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Lee Min Ho, solid breasts exposed  
"Masculinity Mulssins" photos released


Lee Min Ho's recent whereabouts have been released two photographs.

In Thailand, an online community for six days of filming the drama of Lee gejaedwae topic has been collecting photographs.

Photos in Thailand SBS new drama 'sitiheonteo' is taking shape at the time. Lee's style of masculinity mulssin emit 'Boys Over Flowers' Images of the familiar sight of fans captivated.

Lee own during the time of filming in Thailand and paid meticulous attention to the fans. He has fans waiting in the front door, saying 'to recommend to the back door step out and greet fans, shook them and got a hot cheer. Local step 'Lee is not the restless despite the shooting schedule to meet the fans did not smile whenever' he said. Lee returned home and took three days to shoot in Thailand. 

Source: News Nate
English Translation: LMHPrincess

Shining Lee Min Ho in the picture at a restaurant with the staff of “City Hunter”

Seoul, Korea - The picture of Lee Min Ho displaying his clear-cut features is gaining much attention.

Lee Min Ho posted a picture on the 5th on his twitter with the message that read, “Thanks to you, we finally finished the schedule in Thailand for City Hunter and started shooting in Korea from today. The restaurant we are having dinner at is the one where I shot “Boys Over Flower”. With the staff of City Hunter…let’s go!”

Lee Min Ho making the “v”-gesture among female staff was definitely eye-catching. He showed off his clear-cut features with little face and tanned-skin. His expressionless face facing the camera showed his charisma and masculine beauty. Looking at the picture, netizens commented, “Really handsome!” “I want to meet him in person just for once!” “If only I could have a meal with Lee Min Ho face to face…”

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho is starring on SBS soap opera “City Hunter” aired on every Wednesday and Thursday, with the other actors including Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk, Goo Hara, Lee Gwang Su.

Source: News Nate 
English Translation: LMHPrincess

Lee Min Ho wows fans with his Airport Fashion

While moving through the terminal, Lee Min Ho’s trendy airport fashion caught the eyes of many fashionistas. The star was on his way to Thailand to film for his new drama, ”City Hunter“, and he captivated many with his effortless look.

Dressed in a sleek black t-shirt with a black cardigan and grey slacks, he completed his look with a touch of color from his backpack. Fans also noted that his slightly wavy hair gave him a freer look to his overall style, making him look both modern and chic.

In his new drama, Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of ‘Lee Yoo Sung’ an MIT graduate who is now a part of the Blue House’s national communication networks team.

“City Hunter” will begin airing on May 25th.

Source: Star News via Nate


Cast of “City Hunter” attends their first script-reading together


On March 14th, the cast members of SBS’s upcoming drama, “City Hunter“, participated in their first script-reading at the SBS Ilsan Production Center.
Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk, KARA’s Goo Hara, Chun Ho Jin, Kim Sang Joong, Lee Hyo Jung, and Lee Gwang Soo worked together for a total of three hours in a friendly atmosphere, exhibiting professional attitudes and perfect teamwork. The leading stars had even voluntarily stayed behind afterwards to further rehearse on their own in other rooms.
The drama is based off the original Japanese comic series, “City Hunter“, although minor tweaks have been added to make it work with a Korean background.
The drama is currently scheduled to air its pilot episode on March 25th, and has already been earning much anticipation, thanks to its all-star cast. That hype got bumped up another notch after it was revealed that PD Jin Hyuk (who’s known for “Shining Inheritance” and “Prosecutor Princess“) and writer Hwang Eun Kyung (who’s known for “Daemul“) had teamed up for the production.
Producers of “City Hunter” stated, “The scene from the script-reading was a scene of perfect cooperation between young, passionate actors, and the older, more experienced seniors. We could all feel their determination in hoping to make this the best drama possible.” 

Source: Newsen via Nate


Hundreds of Lee Min Ho fans wait overnight for him in Thailand

Hundreds of Lee Min Ho’s fans waited all night to get a glimpse of the star’s arrival in Thailand.

According to a March 28th statement from Lee Min Ho agency Starhaus, Lee Min Ho recently visited Thailand on the 25th to film his upcoming SBS drama "City Hunter".

The visit wasn’t announced officially, yet hundreds of savvy Thai fans lined up at the Bangkok airport to greet Lee Min Ho starting from 6 am. Hundreds of fans from neighboring Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam also waited all night at the airport to greet Lee Min Ho. They waited even when Lee Min Ho’s flight was delayed for about 4 hours due to inclement weather and fog.

Staff members in Thailand said, “hundreds of fans began waiting for Lee Min Ho on the morning of 24th to see Lee Min Ho, who was going to arrive in the early morning of 25th. We were concerned about the nearby Myanmar earthquake but all of the fans waited for Lee Min Ho in an organized fashion.” When he arrived at the airport, Lee Min Ho thanked the fans with a smile.

He also said, “I heard there was an earthquake but I hope there’s no damage. It’s relieving to see their smiling faces. I pray that all of them get back home safely.”

Source: Allkpop

Lee Min Ho wants a girlfriend for his birthday present

Even though we are just a day away from Lee Min ho’s 24th birthday on June 22nd, he has already celebrated the occasion yesterday with his fans and celebrity friends.

A special fan meeting titled “2010 The Special Day With Minoz” was held on June 20th at Kyunghee University where over 4,000 fans attended and was hosted by Yoon Hyung Bin. Fellow celebrity friends like Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, etc also came and there were performances by 2AM, Younha and SeeYa. Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng also made an appearance.

Before the fan meeting, Lee Min Ho had a press conference where he talked about his most memorable present, “The most memorable birthday present was a TV and home theater system I received last year, which I am still using. My fans really understand me, so be it caps or rings, I have received a lot of them. After adopting a pet dog, I have also received a lot of presents for it so I am really thankful.”

When asked what present would he like this year, he said, “A girlfriend? I really want to travel and it need not be overseas. I would like to climb mountains and if there was someone who has an interest like this, it would be great.”

Source: Allkpop


Lee Min Ho says he falls for girls easily

MBC Personal Taste’s frontman Lee Minho has revealed that he falls for pretty girls easily. He said in an interview with Section TV, “I fall easily for different people’s charms. I like innocent people sometimes, then kooky people, then funny people. It changes from time to time.” 

Then he talked about his biggest flaw. He answered, “I gain weight on my face first.” So that means if Lee Min Ho didn’t take care of himself, he would have a huge head and a good body.

He also keeps in contact with his Boys Over Flowers crew including Goo Hye Sun. Hye Sun had asked Minho to be in her movie that she is directing but he thought she would order him around too much and refused the offer.

Source: Allkpop


Lee Min Ho is searching for a girlfriend

Ladies, if you’re bold without being abrasive, then step right up because actor Lee Min Ho revealed that he’s thinking about dating.

During his “Entertainment Weekly“ interview on January 15th, the reporter asked, “Don’t you want to have a girlfriend?

Min Ho replied, “I want to date, but I don’t go out to a lot of places. I always meet the same people, so I don’t have a chance to meet someone new.
Seizing the opportunity, the reporter said: “Then try a reporter from ‘Entertainment Weekly’.” Responding with an awkward laugh, Lee Min Ho managed to side-step around the situation. It was also revealed that Lee Min Ho has a bit of a confidence issue with his kissing ability. “I’m not very good at kissing,” he confessed, but then he later mentioned, “I think female actresses were quite satisfied with my kiss scenes.

Source: Allkpop


Lee Min Ho at New York's Fashion Week

Actor Lee Min Ho attended the “2011 S/S Lacoste” fashion show on the 11th, in which actress Lee Yeon Hee have also attended. 

Lee Min Ho was the only male guest from Korea to be invited to New York Fashion Week. When Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire invited Min Ho backstage, he was mistaken for a Lacoste model due to his impressive height and dashing looks. Assuming Min Ho was a model, the staff applied makeup on him and told him to “Line up and hurry up“. Lee Min Ho’s popularity skyrocketed with his appearance at the show. There were many who wondered who the handsome Asian man sitting on the collection floor was. His celebrity status was confirmed when Southeast Asia’s fashion people lined up to get a picture with him. Christophe Lemaire expressed his joy of having Lee at the show, saying, “I’m glad to have invited Lee Min Ho to my last show. Lee Min Ho’s perfect face and sophisticated fashion is very fitting for a Lacoste muse.

Source: Allkpop